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  1. 32) Hero, by Mike Lupica

    I was determined to read a Mike Lupica book this semester. I read about 2 pages of one of his sports ones and was just kind of like, “Oh, God, no.” BUT HERE WE ARE.

    In this book, Tom Harriman dies on his way home from one of his international missions, fighting the “Bads.” His son Zach is trying to cope with his father’s death, but he can’t believe a pilot as good as his father was could have crashed. Determined to look for clues at the crash site, he meets an old man who tells him that his dad was something of a superhero, and now it’s Zach’s turn.

    Okay, so, this was not my flavor of fantasy. A lot of the story seems kind of disjointed, like it starts out seeming like it’s gonna be a bullying metaphor, but then it kind of doesn’t turn out to be one. I kept expecting the plot to get more complicated, for more people to turn out to be unexpected bad guys and that kind of stuff, but no. Also I kept getting distracted by the desire to sing in the car instead of listening to this, so that might be a factor in this next one, but NOTHING WAS EXPLAINED. I don’t know what Zach’s powers are, exactly, just that they’re hereditary. What’s with the Morgan dollars? I don’t know. What exactly is up with the Bads? Maybe I missed it? Whatever.

    Also, holy sports metaphor, Batman! Jesus, so many. Luckily, Zach and his friend/daughter-of-his-live-in-housekeeper Kate are both basketball fans, so I understood them. And of course the Red Sox fan in the New York-set book was a not-good-guy. I see how it is.

    I mean it wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t for me. I kept expecting more from it.

    And the reader, Dan Bittner, was mostly fine, but he did my biggest audiobook peeve, which is male readers who do weird, breathy, high-pitched voices for girls and women in books, and then can’t get any inflection into the voice they’re putting on. It’s so annoying.

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